Southern Style Offroad

Kevin, the Founder & Brand Manager at Southern Style Offroad, started with a used Lexus GX470 for his wife, eager for off-road adventures. But finding the right bumpers? Impossible. So, Kevin took matters into his own hands, crafting a wooden prototype that eventually evolved into custom front and rear bumpers, thanks to countless hours in the garage and newfound welding skills.

As he and his wife hit the off-road scene, their custom work caught attention, leading to a flood of requests not just for Lexus but for a range of Toyotas. What started as a personal project turned into the kickstart for Southern Style Offroad.

At Southern Style Offroad, every product has been rigorously tested by Kevin himself. It's not just about selling parts; it's about offering tried-and-true solutions for off-road enthusiasts.

Southern Style Offroad is a passion project, born from a genuine love for off-roading. Each product in the catalog represents a piece of their journey. They're not just selling parts; they're sharing their experiences and discoveries, ensuring every upgrade is as solid as the trails you tackle.

Join Southern Style Offroad in exploring the unbeaten path, equipped with gear that has their stamp of approval – because they wouldn't have it any other way.


Southern Style Offroad’s approach is a masterclass in practicality and style. Their bumpers, designed with an "OEM-like" aesthetic, seamlessly blend with the truck's natural lines while enhancing clearance. Every product is trail-tested, rigorously designed, and proudly made in the United States, ensuring top-notch performance and durability.

Rock Sliders

Southern Style Offroad’s rock sliders are arguably the most critical armor you can have on the trail. Just like their bumpers, these sliders are built to endure serious punishment. They strike a perfect balance between function and form, offering robust protection while maintaining a sleek look.

Racks, Carriers & Storage

Southern Style Offroad’s roof racks are engineered for versatility and silence. Designed to be fully modular, they adapt to any adventure. Plus, with a focus on reducing road noise, they ensure a quieter, more enjoyable ride. Function meets innovation in every detail, making these roof racks a must-have for any serious offroader.