We are different.. for a reason..

Someone asked me the other day;

"What's your company's elevator pitch? Are you a brand?"
-- Yes, but more.

"Are you a distributor?"
-- Yes, but more.

"Are you a 3PL (third-party logistics) provider?"
-- Yes, but more.

The truth is, we're something different...

In 2019, we kicked things off by acquiring Hybrid Racing because we saw a talented group of people, high-quality products, and a respected brand that was significantly undercapitalized. They needed cash for inventory and improvements to their logistics. Fast forward to 2024, we now have seven brands in incubation, some fully owned and others supported with unique services.

Here’s the reality...

Exceptional products are created by enthusiasts who live and breathe their craft. But too often, brands hit a ceiling and can’t scale because they get bogged down by their own success. The passion for racing or off-roading turns the founder into an engineer, then a manufacturing expert, then an inventory and supply chain manager, then a social media and marketing CMO, then a fundraiser, and finally a bookkeeper or chief accountant. Ultimately, the passion is lost that sparked the brand's growth in the first place.  Most brands in our space face their downfall when they reach $2 million to $5 million in revenue, a phase we call the "valley of death."

That’s where we come in...

Our goal: Create a platform where brands can grow on their own terms.  By pooling resources and back-office functions, we leverage our size to let each brand focus on what they do best, shedding operational minutiae. 

Our Mission: Drive growth, streamline efficiency, and zero in on what makes each brand unique, ensuring passion and creativity stay front and center.

What we do: We give brands the structure and support they need to shine. By providing shared resources, optimizing operations, and fostering collaboration, we help each brand not just survive, but thrive. Our goal is to free up brand leaders and their teams to focus on innovation and engaging with customers, pushing the brand forward without getting bogged down in the daily grind.

Sometimes we acquire a brand, sometimes we don’t. Our 3PL+ services go way beyond basic fulfillment. We connect brands to a larger dealer network, manage inventories, pool shipments to cut outbound costs, handle product assembly, inspect components, offer in-house assembly, and deliver top-notch product photography.

Here’s what we’re not...

We are not private equity. Period. We don’t have a fund with an exit date. We don’t have endless cash. We’re not slamming together brands to boost their EBITDA and sell them off to the next buyer. That’s not our game.

We believe that at the end of the day, brands we love and want to see last are stronger together. By doing the right thing, offering products we believe in, sharing knowledge, and engaging with our communities, we create a foundation for lasting success.