Hybrid Racing

In the early 2000s, the import scene was booming, and Hybrid Racing was right in the thick of it. The founder, William Davidson, started it all with an '89 white CRX sporting a turbo ZC motor and a Wings West kit. This wasn't just a hobby for him; it was a passion project fueled by countless hours and hard-earned cash, all aimed at making his Honda faster.

He faced plenty of obstacles—scams, low-quality parts, and unhelpful shops—but instead of discouraging him, these challenges sparked a determination to create something better. 

In 2002, they saw the potential of Honda's then-new K-series engine. Recognizing the need for parts to make K-series swaps possible, Hybrid Racing was born. By 2003, the company was registered, and with earnings from local swaps, they secured a small workshop to bring their vision to life.

Hybrid Racing wasn’t just another name in the market; it was a pioneer. They were the first to release EG mounts, plug-and-play harnesses, AC kits, shifter cables, fuel line kits, clutch lines, and many other K-series swap parts. The mission was simple: support the community and make going fast in a Honda easier and more accessible.

The shop was built on a foundation of honesty and genuine support. Customers could call and get no-strings-attached advice. Whether you're working on a swap with a buddy or fine-tuning your setup for a race, Hybrid Racing is there to share experience and provide support. No attitude, just genuine help.

From its beginnings in K-swaps, Hybrid Racing expanded into drivetrain innovations and now focuses on enhancing Honda and Acura performance. Hybrid Racing is more than a brand; it's a community driven by passion, performance, and a relentless pursuit of speed. The goal is to push the boundaries and keep the spirit of automotive excellence alive.


Hybrid Racing wasn’t just another name in the market; it was a pioneer in K-swaps. They were the first to release essential K-series swap parts like EG mounts, plug-and-play harnesses, AC kits, shifter cables, fuel line kits, and clutch lines, setting the standard for innovation and performance.

Drive Train

Hybrid Racing leads in drivetrain innovation with their advanced short shifters, designed for precise, short shifts and smooth operation. Their shifters feature fully adjustable, in-car customization and are built to withstand rigorous use. Hybrid Racing’s performance shifter cables and innovative designs set new industry standards for durability and excellence.

Honda & Acura Performance

Hybrid Racing started with a bang in the K-swap world and revolutionized drivetrain solutions. But they are not stopping there. Hybrid Racing has always been all about
pushing the limits of Honda and Acura performance. In 2024, we took a bold step forward with our FK8 exhaust, marking our entry into high-performance products.


This shifter is amazing. Hands down how my Si should have felt when i got it. The installation was super straightforward and easy. Took me less than an hour, taking my time to not break and clips or anything. Compared to the OEM shifter, this is a night and day difference. I would recommend this shifter to anyone with this chassis.


2022 Civic Si

It's a 2010 Honda car, but it feels like a better evolution of the factory shift knob's operating feel. It screws in deeper than the previous Maxim shift knob, so I was a bit confused at first, but adjusting the height of the short shifter made it better. The boot collar is included, so there is no need to purchase it separately. A minor detail is that the boot collar is held in place by a magnet, so it does not move. This means that I no longer have to worry about the shifter boot moving.


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I been ordering from hybrid racing for while they never disappoint me they shipping is fast , they email you the tracking number making it arrives no hate at all much love guys keep the good work.