Become A Dealer

We Seek Helpful, Genuine Enthusiasts, and Community-Engaged Dealers

We view the Dealer-Distributor relationship as a true partnership. We're not just looking for any dealer; we're seeking those who share our core values. Dealers who passionately share their expertise with customers, who are actively involved in the community, and who aren't just another widget seller.

Supporting and sharing the passion with our customers is the core of our mission. We provide products and support services that solve real problems and deliver real value. It's not about buy-ins, size or gatekeeping; those aren’t the best indicators of a dealer's ability to provide value to our community of enthusiasts. We care more about a dealer’s core values than their size.

Products We Believe In

We seek out brands whose products we trust and use ourselves, ensuring they meet our rigorous standards of quality.

Doing The Right Thing

We look for brands that uphold the principle of always doing the right thing, regardless of circumstances. This includes being honest, fair, and transparent in all their dealings.

Sharing Knowledge

We look for brands that enthusiastically share their expertise and experience with others to help them succeed.

Constantly Improving

We look for brands that are committed to continuously improving themselves, their products, and their processes.


We look for brands that value engaging with and supporting the communities in which they operate.